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Create a stronger bond with personalized stories

With 3 simple steps, Ollie will create a personalized story for your kids, making story time the best family bonding time.

Reimagine storytime with Ollie

Ollie is created with love for families with kids between 2-8 years old
Inspire your kid's imagination
Take your kids on exciting adventures where they are the heroes. Just choose their names and a theme they fancy!
Bring your family closer
Enjoy a storytime where you can read it aloud for your kids, listen together as a family, or even narrate with your own voice when you are away.
Find countless stories in one place
A vast story library with text and audio, that grows with your kids
Save tons of time and money
No more weekly hunting for reading materials for your kids

How to create a personalized story with Ollie in 3 easy steps

Name the hero of the story (hint: your kid)
And they will be the stars of the adventure!
Select the theme of the story
May it be the fairy tale of a priness or a spooky story of a ghost
Choose how to enjoy the story
Read the stories aloud with your kids, or choose a narrator for the audio story
"If you want your kids to be intelligent tell them stories, if you want your kids to be more intelligent, tell them more stories."
Albert Einstein

Free Kids Story Library

Adventures with Ollie podcast
Listen to stories on your favorite podcast platform

Create a bonding ritual for your family

Whether it is a fun story for the road trip, a ghost story by the camp fire, or a bedtime story in a cozy evening, Ollie helps you create the best family ritual!
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