Cooking With Grandma
In this heartwarming story, the little girl Nina learns to cook with her grandma. Through the process not only is she acquiring some life skills, but she also learns to care for others. In the story, Nina also retells a story that she has read. Retelling stories is a great activity where kids learn to communicate and expand their vocabulary.
It was a hot summer day and Nina was dreaming about ice cream. Her favorite one was not bought in a shop but made at home with her grandma. So, Nina ran down the stairs to look for her grandma Anna, who was outside in the garden picking cherries.

"Grandma, can we make some ice cream together?", asked Nina.

"Of course, we can. It is so hot today so I will make some cherry ice cream. I hope you like it."

"I'm sure I will!"

Anna took some cherries and some ice cream from the fridge and started to mix them together. She added some sugar and vanilla too. Then she put the mixture in the freezer for about an hour. When it was ready, they went to eat ice cream in the garden.

"This is the best ice cream ever!", said Nina.

"It surely is, my dear", said Anna, "and you know what? There are more things that we can make!"

Then they made more ice cream, some cookies, and even a cake! Nina had so much fun with her grandma.

"I love you so much grandma."

"I love you too my dear."

That night Nina fell asleep fast because she was so tired from all the fun. Nina woke up the next morning incredibly happy because she had a wonderful dream about her grandma. She was so excited to go to the kitchen and get breakfast with grandma.

"Grandma, what are we going to make today?"

"I don't know yet", said Anna, "but I have some ideas. What do you want to make?"

Nina thought for a minute and then said that she wanted to make pancakes because they are delicious. Anna agreed with Nina, and they started to mix all the ingredients together. They put the batter on the pan and waited for it to cook on both sides. When it was ready, they put some syrup and butter on top, then they ate it together with some orange juice and tea.

Nina had so much fun in the kitchen with her grandma, she loved every minute of it!

Anna was also happy to see that Nina loved cooking in the kitchen with her!

Nina's mom came into the kitchen and saw Nina and her grandma laughing and cooking.

"Oh, I didn't know that you were here!" said Nina's mom.

"We are making pancakes for breakfast," said Nina.

Nina's mom smiled and said, "I'm so happy that you like to cook with your grandma."

"Me too," replied Nina. "We love doing it together!"

Nina's mom said: "What a nice picture! I hope you will make many more pancakes with your grandma."

Anna replied: "Yes, it was a lot of fun, and we will definitely make more pancakes together in the future!"

Nina followed: "Me too!"

Nina's grandma Anna knew that Nina liked to read stories about kids cooking with their parents. She thought for a moment and said, "You know what? I think I have a book about a girl who makes pancakes with their parents. Do you want to read it?"

"Really?" asked Nina. " I would love to".

The next morning, Nina greeted her mom, "I read about a girl Martha who likes to make pancakes with her parents," said Nina.

"That sounds like fun!" said her mom. "What happened to the girl?"

Nina took a deep breath and said, "The girl's parents were too busy to make pancakes with her because they had a lot of work to do around the house."

"What kind of work?" asked her mom, wondering what it could be.

"They needed to paint the walls in their bedroom," explained Nina. "But Martha didn't want them to paint the walls because she liked them so much!"

Nina's mother smiled and said, "That is a really good point! I'm sure that Martha would have done a really good job painting those walls."

"What did Martha do?" asked Nina's mom.

"Martha decided to paint the walls herself. But she didn't have a brush, so she used her fingers!"

Nina's mom laughed and said, "I bet that the walls turned out really good! What happened next?"

"Martha took a nap with her parents and when she woke up, they were all eating pancakes together!"

"Nina, that's a really good story. I'm so glad that Martha got to spend some time with her parents."

"Me too! Martha and her parents are really lucky to have each other."

"I have an idea," said her mom. "Why don't we make pancakes for your grandma?"

"I would love that!" said Nina.
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