Who painted Central Park Blue?

Ollie Flash strikes again! This time in NYC. The kids in the city were having a foul time because Central Park was painted blue by some criminal, and they couldn't play there anymore. The secret agency asked Ollie to solve the case. Will Ollie and his dog gang be up to the task and return the kids a pristine Central Park?
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Ollie Flash the super dog has gone to complete a mission in New York. The secret agency has asked Ollie Flash to find a cat named Boris who is responsible for pouring blue color all over Central Park.

The kids in New York City are devastated because they can't play in Central Park when the ground is all covered with blue paint.

Ollie Flash found Boris wandering around in Central Park. He has blue hair and was wearing a blue suit with blue shoes. Ollie Flash sneaked up on him and says,

"I know you are Boris. I am Ollie Flash."

"What do you mean?"

Boris said.

"Don't pretend with me. You are responsible for pouring blue color all over Central Park."

"That's not true!"

"How could I be responsible for pouring blue color all over Central Park? I wasn't in New York."

Ollie Flash knew Boris was trying to fool him. He had to prove that Boris is responsible or he will be fired from his job at the secret agency. So he decided to go back home and start searching for clues in New York City with his dog friends Rex, Dex, Zelda, Chauncey and Roscoe.

Ollie Flash and his friends were hiding behind a bush when they saw Boris walking by.

"That's Boris."

"How do you know?"

asked Rex.

"I recognize him from Central Park. He is wearing the same suit that he was wearing when I saw him there."

"We have to stop him."

Chauncey said.

"He's going to pour blue paint all over the playground again."

They ran out of their hiding place and went after Boris. They chased him around and around until they finally caught him and held him down on the ground.

Chauncey took a bag out of his pocket and put it over Boris so he couldn't get away from them again. They had Boris tied up with rope and brought him to the middle of the playground in Central Park.

"We are going to ask you some questions about why you poured blue color all over Central Park."

Ollie Flash said to Boris.

"If you answer our questions correctly then we will let you go."

"You can't prove that I poured blue paint all over Central Park!"

"I wasn't in New York when it happened."

"Maybe, but I have some evidence that proves that you are responsible."

"What evidence?"

"Do you remember when I saw you in Central Park?"

"You were wearing the same blue suit."

Boris looked down at his clothes and saw that they were covered with paint. He started screaming loudly because he knew that he was caught.

Ollie Flash then called the police, and Boris was taken to jail to await punishment for his crime.

Ollie Flash and his friends then went back to Central Park to get the blue paint off the ground so it would be clean for kids again. Ollie Flash's dad came with a machine that cleaned up all of the paint in 5 seconds.

Finally, Central Park was clean and ready for kids again! All of the kids were so happy that the blue paint was all gone.

Ollie Flash and his friends were even happier because they used their super dog detective skills and solved the case.

"We should be detectives all the time!"

Zelda exclaimed.

"That's a great idea!"

"We will make sure to do this again soon."

"I can't wait to tell my friends that I'm a detective!"

said Roscoe.

"They'll be so jealous."

Every kid cheered them on as they left Central Park. Flash and his friends then took their detective skills home with them to go solve another mystery!


奥利发现鲍里斯在中央公园闲逛。他穿着蓝色的西装,蓝色的鞋子,还有一头蓝色的头发。 奥利偷偷靠近他说:"我知道你是鲍里斯。我是奥利闪电。"



"怎么可能?"鲍里斯回答。 "事情发生时我人不在纽约啊。"











"也许,"奥利回答。 "但我有一些证据证明你对此事负责。"





奥利和他的朋友们随后回到中央公园,去把地上的蓝色颜料给孩子们弄干净。 奥利的爸爸带来了一台机器,可以在 5 秒内清除所有的颜料。




"好主意啊!"奥利说。 "让我们不久后再一起破案吧。"

"我迫不及待地想告诉我的朋友们我是一名侦探!"罗斯科说。 "他们肯定会嫉妒的。"

当奥利闪电和他的朋友们离开中央公园时,孩子们都为他们欢呼。 他们带着他们的侦探技能回家去解开另一个谜团了!

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