The Ghost Who Needs Friends
Do ghosts need friends? Roger and Liza are siblings who love ghost stories. At a ghost house, they met a ghost girl who wants to befriend them. Curiosity led them deep into the ghost house, where they embarked on an unexpected adventure.
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Roger and Liza were visiting an amusement park with their parents. One of the things they really wanted to do was to visit the Ghost house! Their dad was telling a lot of ghost stories during the weekends, so they both thought it would be really fun to explore a real one.

To show how brave they were, they went into the ghost house with their parents waiting outside. Once inside, they heard a strange noise behind them. They turned around and saw a ghost girl!

"You two are brave to come here alone!" said the ghost. "I think you two will make good friends for me."

"What do you mean?" Liza asked, "What do you want?"

"I want to know why you want us to be your friends," asked Roger.

"I don't think that's such a good idea," said the ghost, "as it's going to be really scary!"

"We're brave!", replied Liza.

"Well, okay then," agreed the ghost, "follow me ".

Roger and Liza went inside the Ghost house with the ghost girl, and she started telling her story. "I had a sister. She was very nice and I liked her, but she died before we both turned 8 years old."

"That's so sad!" said Liza.

"I know. Since then, I had nobody to play with."

The three of them continued walking around until they came to a room with a big mirror on one wall. In front of the mirror was a table. On it stood an old book and some candles with different colors and sizes. The candle closest to the book seemed to be burning brighter than all the others, so Roger walked up to it and took it off the table.

Then he turned around and walked back towards Liza and the ghost girl. Suddenly, Roger and Liza started moving their hands like they were playing an invisible piano. Then, Roger saw that music notes were coming out of nowhere! He could see them floating through the air! They looked like butterflies made out of paper!

"Do you like my magic?" The ghost girl asked smiling.

The next thing Roger knew, he was standing in front of an old castle, which had vines crawling up all over its walls, and ivy growing on top of its roof! There was also a big tree in front of it, with leaves as green as emeralds!

When he looked down, he saw that Liza was standing next to him, holding his hand while staring at him with her big round eyes opened wide! She seemed very surprised too because she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Roger was breathing in the lovely scents coming from the flowers growing everywhere! Only then, did he realize that music notes were still floating through the air making everything look even more magical.

"Wow!! It's like we're walking through an invisible orchestra playing for us. We can not only hear, but also see these notes float across our path! This is amazing!", exclaimed Roger.

"Where are we?" Liza asked.

"I'm not sure, but it is beautiful here."

"It is! But I'm really hungry."

"Me too," replied Roger, "Let's go inside and find something to eat."

They went inside the castle and found a big kitchen with some delicious treats! They ate everything in the kitchen! But when they were done, they couldn't find their way out of the castle.

At this moment, they found they were back to the ghost girl, who was still standing in front of that mirror.

When she saw them back, she asked, "So what did you think about my place? Did you like my magic? Did you like my piano too?"

"I liked everything!" Roger and Liza both said at once.

"Alright then, I take that you guys have agreed to be my friends and stay here with me forever!"

"But our parents are waiting for us!" said Liza.

"If you are my friends, you will need to stay here". The face of the ghost turned dark.

"Run, Liza!", shouted Roger and he started running.

The ghost girl started chasing after Roger. Liza started running too, scared to see what would happen next!!!

Roger and Liza were running away from the ghost girl but she kept chasing after them. She was laughing all the time while waving her hand to them. Suddenly, an old abandoned house appeared in front of Roger and Liza. It had broken windows and a door made out of wood. Roger and Liza ran inside, finding themselves in a big hall with old paintings, antique furniture pieces, and a big chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

Roger looked up at that chandelier, just in time to see the ghost girl catching up with them! They were now running through an old corridor, where everything was covered in dust! They could barely breathe because there was so much dust everywhere around them! They saw something moving in front of them through this fog, so they slowed down hoping it would go away. But it didn't, instead, it got bigger until finally, they saw what it was. A big rat!!

"Oh no!" Liza screamed.

"Run!" Roger screamed too as loud as he could!

They ran through another corridor until they came across some stairs leading up to another floor. They ran up those stairs as fast as they could, hoping the ghost girl wouldn't catch up with them! But when they got to the top, instead of finding another hallway, all they saw was a dead end!

There was nothing else, except two big windows looking out onto an empty field, where there wasn't even one tree or bush growing from its ground!

"Let's go back down!" Roger said turning around, but when he turned around, he saw the ghost girl standing right in front of him, blocking their way back downstairs!

"I'm sorry, " she said, "but I can't let you leave until you become my friends."

"No way!" Roger said, trying to run past her, but she grabbed him by his collar and pulled him towards her, making him scream.

Liza screamed too, because she felt so terrible seeing her brother being treated like this by this little monster of a ghost!!

"Alright, alright, we will be your friends!", said Liza, "but please let us go back to our parents. They must be really worried."

"We promise to come back!", continued Liza.

The ghost girl thought for a while, "Ok, but only if both of you promise to come back here tomorrow night. "

"You mean we're going to come back here again?" Liza asked.

"Yes." The ghost said smiling at her. "If you guys don't come back here, something really bad will happen to your parents.

"What will happen to our parents?", asked Roger.

"You will know the answer tomorrow night!". The ghost then disappeared, with her voice lingering in the air.



"你什么意思?"丽莎问道, "你想要什么?"





罗杰和丽莎跟着幽灵走了进去。"我曾经有一个姐姐 ,她人很好,我很喜欢她,但她在我们都未满 8 岁之前就去世了。"





"你们喜欢我的魔法吗?" 幽灵笑着问道。

等罗杰再次回过神来,他发现自己站在一座古老的城堡前。这座城堡的墙壁上爬满了藤蔓,屋顶上长着常春藤! 前面还有一棵大树,叶子绿如翡翠!

罗杰低头一看,只见丽莎站在他身边,拉着他的手,圆圆的眼睛瞪着他! 她似乎也很惊讶,不敢相信自己所看到的。

罗杰呼吸着随处可见的花朵散发出的美妙香气! 直到这时他才意识到,音符还在空中飘荡,让一切都显得更加神奇。

"这就像在为我们演奏的无形管弦乐队中穿行。 我们不仅可以听到,还可以看到这些音符飘在空气中! 这太棒了!",罗杰惊叹道。





他们走进城堡,发现了一个大厨房,里面有很多美味的食物! 他们把厨房里的东西都吃了! 但是吃完后,他们发现他们找不到离开城堡的路了。






"是我的朋友就必须呆在这里!", 幽灵的脸色开始变得很不好看。












"好吧好吧,我们做你的朋友吧。 但请让我们回到我们的父母身边。他们一定很担心。"


幽灵想了想,"好吧,但前提是你们俩答应明天晚上再来这里。 "


"是的。"幽灵坏坏的一笑。 "如果你们不回来,你们的父母就要遭殃了。"


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