Tree Saver Club
A trip to Hawaii inspired a fascination with trees in the little girl Nina. Back at school, a big tree fell in a storm. Nina and her friends were wondering what they could do to help the tree survive. This was the beginning of the Tree Saver Club, where the kids learn to care for others, and in their own way!
Jennifer was really excited because she and her family were preparing for a vacation in Hawaii. Recently Jennifer had graduated kindergarten and her parents thought that a month in Hawaii would give her a lot of new adventures. The flight was scheduled for the next morning. With the help of her mom, Jennifer packed her luggage and was ready to go.

The next morning, Jennifer and her parents got up early, ate breakfast, and went to the airport. The flight was very long, and it took about twelve hours. Jennifer was bored on the plane, so she started to count the clouds and she even fell asleep for a while.

Finally, the airplane landed at place called Honolulu. On their way out of the airport, Jennifer's dad asked some flight attendants if they knew any nice places for a little girl to explore. The flight attendants told them about a place called Kauai, which is an island in Hawaii and it is not too far from Honolulu. They said that Kauai has some really beautiful beaches and there are also mountains there with really tall trees!

Jennifer and her family arrived in Kauai and they were really excited to explore this new place. Jennifer's dad told Jennifer to keep an eye out for the tall trees. Jennifer spent a lot of time exploring the beaches and some of the other places on the island, and finally, she found the trees!

They were really tall and there were a lot of different kinds of them. Jennifer's dad took a photo with each one of them and he even climbed up one! Jennifer's mom told her that she had read about the trees in a book that said that they can live for hundreds of years. Jennifer thought she would tell her new classmates about these trees when she goes back to school.

When they got back, Jennifer told her classmates about the trip to Kauai and some of the things she saw there. She said that the trees were really tall and there were so many different kinds of them.

Right in the middle of Jennifer's story, the kids heard a noise from outside. They went to check it out and were surprised to see a large tree that had fallen over in the storm! The kids were sad and worried about the tree but Jennifer's dad told them that it would be okay. He said that most trees can live for hundreds of years and this one was still alive and would survive.

The kids wanted to know what they could do to make it feel better and started looking for ways to help their new friend.

One of the girls thought that maybe they could water it because trees need water just like people do. One boy suggested that they could put a tarp or some leaves on top of the tree so it wouldn't get too hot in the sun. And another one of them said they could put some food on top too because trees need food just like people do.

The kids looked around and found a tarp, some leaves, and some fruits. They all helped their friend by putting these things on top of him so he wouldn't be so hot or hungry anymore.

The kids had been worried about their new friends but after helping him, they started feeling happy again! They said goodbye to their new friend, promising to come back again soon with more food, water, and more friends!

After talking with Jennifer's parents, the kids decided to start a club where they could go out and help every kind of tree that needed a friend. They started by getting a big tarp so they could cover any trees that got too hot in the sun. They also made water bottles for all of their friends so they wouldn't get too thirsty.

The kids got together with their new friends every day to play games and talk about things that made them happy. Every time someone in the neighborhood would cut down one of their friends, a kid from Jennifer's class would come out and put a tarp on top of it until it could grow back again. The kids didn't even mind when there was another storm because knowing that there were trees out there who needed help made them feel better about everything!

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